True to the company‘s philosophy of taking a noble work‘s vehicle and making it a little more individual, an even more dynamically accentuated version of the wing-doored car was created. Especially the aerodynamics enjoyed a high-class final touch. To do this the developers from Hunzenschwil developed and mounted a sporty front skirt with vertically positioned daylight running lights, which inconspicuously emphasize the larger air-intakes.

The sides of the front design skirt flow in an uninterrupted stream into the considerably widened wings that like muscles span the shapely forged wheels. Taking in the powerful and sinewy forms along the way the perfectly designed sills frame the sporty sidelines of the SLS before smoothly ending in the equally widened wheel housings of the winged-door vehicle. The transition to the rear apron, which has been honed to fit function and design, is equally smooth.

It not only has perfect mold vents but also a diffuser that supports the extendable rear spoiler in combating lift at high speeds. Each optically and acoustically framed by two round, classic endpipes.

The air scoop mounted on the roof not only serves to target the direction of the airstream, it is also a skilful new interpretation of the double air outlets on the original Gullwing.

Another highlight on the retrosportscar are the above-mentioned 3-part, 10 and 12 inch Evolution complete wheels. The classic hole design, the concave form and the fine inter-mediate spokes harmonize perfectly with the equally classic sportscar silhouette of the FAB SLS.

To this is added either a compatible sports suspension set, which lives up to the require-ments or both comfort and sportiness, or if so desired the vehicle can be fitted with a High Performance Kit from Koni, which is based on the technology of the SLS GT3 racing car. At the rear of the vehicle a FAB stainless steel sports exhaust with four round endpipes lets the exhaust fumes sonorously free. An integrated valve control gives the driver – depending on the occasion – the possibility of choosing between a sonorous and a discrete sound.

The FAB developers have also tightened up the performance and thus achieved an every day performance of 615 PS – in place of the standard 571 PS. In addition the engine‘s torque has increased to a full 690 Nm that already hits in at 4,600 rpm.

Thus equipped the FAB SLS Gullstream needs only 3.6 seconds ‚to fly‘ to 100 km/h and after just 11 seconds it has left the 200 mark behind.

Only at 325 km/h does the joy of acceleration come to an end – but certainly not the emotions of the car occupants, who can revel in comfort and luxury at any speed. For this FABDesign can offer everything the heart desires; the most unusual mix of materials in every conceivable colour combination. Here the motto is: nothing is impossible. That‘s FABulous! That‘s Gullstream!