In spite of its impressive additional width, the new FAB Design Widebody aerodynamics program blends in harmoniously with the overall picture and makes the vehicle appear more elegant and racy. The result more performance, more race character, more exclusiveness and more passenger convenience. But also on the outside, the FAB Design SL RAFALE displays its sporty ambitions straight from the shoulder. The large and racy front lip spoiler bumper joins the redesigned front fenders in perfect harmony and follows the SL‘s silhouette with breathtaking virtuosity. A large opening in the middle provides the charge-air intercooler and the water cooler with sufficient quantities of cooling air while the front intakes, which are situated on the left and on the right where the fenders begin, make sure that the brakes will always receive all the cooling air they require.

In spite of the larger and widened fenders, the orginal vehicle`s harmony and elegance remain perfectly intact. Lateral openings behind the distinctive enlargements serve as additional air exhaust elements. Slightly projecting side skirts at the bottom line of the doors not only make the SL appear racier but also more dynamic and lower. Moreover, they allow a very smooth transition to convertible`s considerably widened wheel arches.

The rear fender enlargements and their integrated cooling air intakes and outlets provide for a well-tempered braking system - even in case of rough use. Apart from its breathtaking good looks, the highly elaborate and unique rear bumper design optimises the vehicle`s aerodynamics considerably. The slightly bent subframe of the bumper brings about how much improved downforce values. The four slanted exhaust tailpipes have become a Trademark of the FAB widebody kits and, moreover, are a perfect expression of the innovative design solutions of FAB Design.

Also with regard to the alloy wheels, the Swiss high-precision tuning Company has gone its own way. The three-part forged Evolution wheel impresses wth its Independent and athletic appearance. The front axle rotates 10J x 20 rims, the rear axle even 12J x 20 inch rims. 265/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR 20 tyres guarantee a perfect grip at any speed. The combination with the modified suspension offers an idescribable cornering pleasure. As a consequence, the coupe-convertible even feels a little smaller and much handier. 

In the first place, the interior equipment impresses with the way it harmonises with the vehicle`s colour. Very special accents are set by high-quality carbon applications and aluminium Intarsia. The redesigned FAB Design sports seats offer a high degree of comfort and excellent lateral stability and join the whole interior in perfect harmony.