FAB VAYU GTR- Gott des Windes

VAYU GTR Coupé - Limited Edition

(based on McLaren 650S / 12C)


FAB Design presents additional to the VAYU RPR Spider, already launched on International Autoshow 2015 in Geneva, another variation in form of VAYU GTR Coupé. VAYU is the vedish god of wind, air and life. His attributes are his unrivaled speed and his peerless beauty. Now the VAYU GTR Coupé bears also this name rightly.

The audience is specified for owners of the legendary Mc Laren MP4 12C (Coupe and Spider), as well the actual 650S. With the individualisation version VAYU GTR Coupe and Spider the McLaren gets a new appearance. Who decides for the modification of his McLaren receives a highly attractive complete modification, which silhouettes against the basic version, which belongs already to the most impressive sportscars.

The presence of the car will be undersigned visually through the use of numerous, perfectly processed visible carbon parts. The air-intakes behind the windows, on the sides, front and rear wing, also the rear diffusor show a striking appearance and founds the finalization in the integrated roof scoop. The VAYU GTR matches the performance of a super-sportscar with the aerodynamic perfect dressed-up bodydesign, together with the power enhancement and the individual shaped interior. Car dreams becomes one time more reality through the Swiss high-end manufacturer.

The total package with the new fenders all around, the aerodynamic front as well as the side skirts and the down force optimizing rear bumper including diffusor achieve a perfect harmony on visual appearance and function. For optimum contact to the road surface 20inch wheels of the FAB EVOLUTION series were used together with the Sport Maxx tyres with dimensions of 275/25ZR20 and 325/30ZR20 of our developing partner DUNLOP. The powerful exterior will be completed with the new lightweight forged wheel in 3-piece technology.

The effective performance optimizing generates 32 HP increased efficiency. The appropriate sportscar-sound is coming from the two powerful exhaust tail ends. This makes driving on winding roads absolutely pleasurable. The peak of the individualization is the ergonomically designed interior, covered with finest leather and furnished with carbon applications. The FAB upholsterers use only finest selected leather and handle them in frequent skilful manners. A classy highlight is also the aluminium pedal system.

The VAYU GTR presents the final step of sportscar modification and another milestone in the history of the Swiss high-end manufacturer FAB Design.